In 1975 Brenda Long was a single mother involved with a man that wanted her to wear sexy lingerie which posed a problem because during the '70's there were minimal places in Washington metro area where women could buy lingerie.

In an effort to remedy this problem, Brenda started a lingerie mail order business which led her first boutique, Night Dreams. "Thank goodness for my family! My grandmother worked for a lingerie manufacturer and owned gorgeous peignoir sets. She was a great encouragement and her advice and expertise was invaluable."

What started as a mail order business during the 70's has transformed into three of the finest Adult Boutiques in America. Night Dreams include a fun, upscale, environment, well-educated consultants, a diverse and large selection of high-quality products, in stock and at a lower price than other retail locations.

I had dreams at night about opening a store in a nice location geard towards women. Hence, the name "NIGHT DREAMS" was born. Brenda and her Dream Team consultants look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

May all your "Dreams" come true…

As always, Brenda

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